Podcast Launch

My first five episodes are up. You can find them on SoundCloud, or you can listen to them on YouTube, where each is accompanied by a few still images.

Images aid memory. It's easier to recall the content of a chapter of a philosophy book if each chapter features at its beginning a sketch of the philosopher who is that chapter's subject. So, the still images on YouTube are more valuable than they may seem.

Even though I expect nearly everything I produce to be demonetized, platforms like YouTube offer unique values.

YouTube is more intimate than a podcast you download to your phone and listen to while driving to work or exercising. Simply by having downloaded the podcast, you feel separated from what you're listening to. Streaming video prevents that feeling of alienation. It's similar to watching old DVDs vs. watching something on TV. Despite your actual isolation while watching TV, the knowledge that someone other than you chose what's on your screen (given your selected channel) is connective. It's different from knowing you put the DVD in your player and pressed play.

Dynamic visual stimulation also enhances intimacy. Human intelligence is manifest in the switching of images at logical points in the progression of audio. The switching provides the illusion that someone is there, monitoring and making sure that audio and video match. Lastly, having the comments of other users right below the video makes the experience truly social, even if you don't comment yourself (although I hope you do).

For all of these reasons, watching a show that consists mostly of still images is a legitimate choice. I don't plan to be able to make any money from ads, so I don't care how you consume my content. In any case, I'll be making whatever money I do through Patreon.

Enjoy these first five episodes. More are on the way. I plan to release new shows weekly, on Mondays. With some contributorship, I'll easily be able to release shows twice-weekly, or even more frequently.

I'll update again when I get the show uploaded to iTunes and Stitcher.