Tomi Lahren, Obamacare, and the Alleged Hypocrisy of Using Government Programs

Tomi Lahren is not an advocate of freedom. She’s an unprincipled fascist like Donald Trump, the Republican establishment, and just about everyone else who purports to defend capitalism. The only major exceptions are the libertarians, who smear capitalism by using it to legitimize their anarchism, which is a system that’s worse than fascism before inevitably leading to it.

I have nothing kind to say about Lahren, but the reaction to her recent statement that she’s still on her parents’ health insurance presents an opportunity to deal with an allegation that leftists make frequently.

The allegation is that you’re a hypocrite if you oppose government programs, but still use them.

There is only one reality. If the government enforces a certain healthcare regime, you don’t have the option to travel to the next dimension where the market for healthcare is free. You have to make the best with what’s been forced on you.

If someone is a hypocrite for making the best of a situation he didn’t want, but was forced into, then the following is another example of hypocrisy.

You’re against theft. A mugger steals your wallet. The police catch him, but not before he spends all your money on things no one wants, like tickets to Samantha Bee’s standup shows. With the money spent, you take the tickets and see if you can give them away as gifts to people you dislike.

What rank hypocrisy. You’re against theft, yet you benefit from the tickets you got from the thief.

Or, what about any one of the countless number of people in bread lines in communist countries? Suppose one of them suggests that a free market in food would be superior to state control.

Another disgusting hypocrite. Here this guy is, benefiting from communism and its glorious bread lines while complaining about it!

This type of accusation, a favorite of the dishonest left, is so obviously specious that only the young, dishonest, or cretinous could accept it.

(This post was for the young. I don’t care about the dishonest, and the cretinous have my sympathy, but not my concern.)