Functional Philosophy #101

(1) Musical Taste (2) Is Equality Good? (3) Why Do Artists Lean Left?

In this episode of Functional Philosophy, I answer the following questions:

00:38 - "How much attention should one pay to Rands opinions/thoughts on music? I predominantly listen to hip-hop and wasn't very happy to find that Rand considers me a psycho-epistemological savage, since that is what she called people that enjoy drum heavy music in The Romantic Manifesto."

07:52 - "Why do you despise the concept of equal opportunity? I understand that the governments attempts to force it onto us often result in destruction, and the opposite effect, but if it were to occur in a just and natural manner wouldn't it be a good thing?"

13:49 - "One of my favorite things to do is art (writing fiction and poetry specifically) and I notice that many contemporary artists of all kinds tend to be extremely progressive politicly, clinging to SJW style identity politics, a hatred of capitalism and moral relativism. Is there any reason that this particular flawed mindset would appeal to an artist specifically?"

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