Functional Philosophy #102

(1) Video Games (2) Contextualizing vs. Rationalizing (3) Evil Geniuses

In this episode of Functional Philosophy, I answer the following questions:

00:38 - "My first question is merely, how would you define video games? I understand that they are a form of recreation that test your visual-motor and logical skills, but would it be wrong to consider modern RPG's as being or having aspects of art. For instance, games like Skyrim or Diablo have a large story element that immerses the player in a recreation of reality, often with a strong theme.

The reason this question is on my mind is closely tied to my second question. Is there value to video game streaming as a hobby or profession and how would one define that value? I have recently created a twitch and started to stream in my free time and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Is this a waste of productive energy or a useful value? Could this be a valid career for a rational person?"

07:50 - "How does one avoid using contextual issues as a justification for evading principles? For example, I could argue that affirmative action for black people is wrong because racism is wrong, but someone else might respond that there is a context of historical persecution against black people that justifies affirmative action in this case."

14:50 - "If dishonesty and stupidity are one in the same, wouldn’t Immanuel Kant be the dumbest man who ever lived?"

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