Functional Philosophy #105

(1) Principles in Practical Politics (2) Should You Vote Libertarian? (3) Air Pollution

In this episode of Functional Philosophy, I answer the following questions:

00:38 - "Would an objectivist support a law that is a movement in the right direction from the current situation? Or would it be moral to only support a law that is consistent with an objective framework? For the second option, would the entire system need to be overhauled all at exactly the same time?"

11:22 - "Given our current political party choices in the U.S., Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian, are the Libertarians the best choice for an individual's rational self-interest? I get that most of the Libertarians are probably altruist just like Republicans and Democrats but at least they do not think it is the job of the Government to enforce altruism."

13:44 - "How can a solution be derived for air pollution?

What if it were not a single company, but multiple companies releasing different toxic compounds into the air? What would be an objective way to find out the guilty party without relying on extraneous government agencies such as the EPA in the USA to monitor toxic compounds and where they are produced?"

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