Functional Philosophy #63: The Atlas Society, Ayn Rand's View of "Roots," and Premarital Sex

In this episode of Functional Philosophy, I answer the following questions:

1. "I have done a bit of reading on the ARI/Atlas Society divide, but I'm not sure why ARI represents Objectivism in a pure form (apparently categorically so), but the Atlas Society is, in your words, "not even Objectivists" and "beneath contempt." Can you please explain what philosophical disqualifies David Kelley and from even being representative of Objectivist philosophy?"

2. "I would like you to appraise one of Ayn Rand’s specific views so it’s not strictly philosophical and is a concrete statement of hers I want to you appraise. It’s to do with her answer in reply to a question about the tv miniseries “roots”. She says something about black people needing their own myths(like Greek myths for western men). I don’t get her position here. This answer can be found in Ayn Rand answers pages 208-210. I would like to stress that I’m interested in your appraisal of this view as the concrete that it is and it’s not a wider question of Ayn Rand as a philosopher. It’s more a question of why black men would need black men in particular to look up to. Why they would need myths about “their own people”. The best thing I can think of is that since art is a concretization; it might be worthwhile for blacks whose ancestors have been enslaved and degraded to get a concretization of the alternative that’s close to home. Of course they can always abstract away their particular history but a concretization might still be a plus."

3. "Should waiting for sex until marriage be encouraged, seeing as statistically it leads to better and longer lasting marriages, thus more psychologically stable offspring etc., Or is this another instance of religion killing human joy?"


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