Functional Philosophy #67: Integrity in a Hostile World, and Bridging Mind & Body

In this episode of Functional Philosophy, I answer the following questions:

1. "I sometimes go to social functions here in L.A. where "small talk" is often pro-socialist claptrap or jokes against individualism/entrepreneurship. While 90% of the people at these events are irrelevant to my life, I still hope to come across a potential business contact or meet a new friend, and so I continue to go to these functions and host functions myself.

Nearly every conversation eventually devolves into some defense of collectivism, and by accident I end up dominating the conversation and demolishing everyone's childlike positions. Instead of being known as a bright individual with strong values, everyone's takeaway is that I'm simply a huge asshole - regardless of how polite and friendly my views are offered.

I don't want to compromise my values by misrepresenting or minimizing my opinions (and risking the chance of failing to connect with a potential ally). It's hard to soften my views because the foundation for my opinions are in diametric opposition to the values of these people. A lot of these contacts are gatekeepers in my industry, and being known as an asshole or being "impossible to work with" is hurting my business. I'm becoming reclusive as a result, because "outing myself" further is now a business risk.

Is this problem simply the cost of being enlightened in an age of darkness, or is there a solution other than wearing a scarlet letter?"

2. "Rucka in his video on philosophy states that Ayn Rand bridged mind and body in her epistemology can you explain her justifications for both in one your podcast episodes?"


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