Functional Philosophy #69: (1) How to Tell If You're in Love. (2) "Anarcho-Objectivism."

In this episode of Functional Philosophy, I answer the following questions:

1. "How does one rationally ascertain that they love someone, in the context of a romantic relationship?"

2. "I'm a anarcho-objectivist and have been listening to your podcasts for a while now and I really enjoy them. However one thing that has been bothering me about other objectivists (I couldn't find any of your podcasts with the government as the subject, so I'm not sure what your position is) and something you might be able to clarify is the belief that the state can exist without the initiation force. This is important because if the state has to use force in order to exist, it can't be justified since the initiation of force can't be justified. The state has to initiate force to survive because the state has to have a monopoly on parts of the private sector (i.e the military, police, etc) in order for it to be a state (I'm not saying that all monopolies are states however, just that it is one requirement) which means it can't be a state without having regulations (i.e only the state can have a military, nukes, etc) if a private company can provide better services that it. Forcing regulations onto people necessitates the use of force (because how else would you stop people from creating their own private militaries for example) therefor, a state has to use force.The answers I have gotten from other objectivists is that the state doesn't have to use force because the funds required for it to operate would easily be gathered from donations. The problem with this is if a market alternative were to emerge, which is an inevitability (since disallowing this would be the use of force) the state would have to either seize the competitor or steal money through taxes in order to survive. If the state would just let itself be outcompeted, it wouldn't be a state to begin with.Now, I hope you will not answer with a practicality such as "what will happen if I get caught stealing inside two overlapping police zones" or "the state is required because who else is going to keep force out of the marketplace?", because those are all arguments for sacrificing principles for the "greater good" and if that is your problem with anarchy I will gladly explain why that isn't really a problem."


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