Functional Philosophy #73: (1) Distortion of History (2) Non-Contact Sex Offenses (3) Nassim Taleb

In this episode of Functional Philosophy, I answer the following questions:

(1) "In one of your videos, you lightly touched in Mccarthyism and said how he was a hero. I had always thought of him as a bully, but I did some research and it turned out a lot of what is said about him are straight up lies.

My question is: how is it that history can be so distorted and gotten away with? How does one challenge the authority of the left who claim victimhood throughout history, when Mccarthy himself was openly hated in his time. How do you expose this kind of nonsense."

(2) "this might seem an odd question but I encounter it at my work regularly (psychologist treating sex offenders). What would objectivism say about the legitimacy of laws against non-contact sex offences? For example, harassing phone calls, in which no physical force has been used? Or accessing online child pornography? In this case, one could argue its immorality because it creates a market for such material that would indirectly encourage others to abuse children."

(3) "What are your thoughts on Nasim Taleb ?"

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