Functional Philosophy #76

(1) Altruism vs. Nihilism (2) Redistribution (3) Weapons vs. Destructive Tools

In this episode of Functional Philosophy, I answer the following questions:

00:39 - "Are altruism and nihilism compatible with each other? [...] Egoists believe that one's own life is the standard, and one's own happiness is the goal. Altruists believe that other people, or something other than their own life, is the standard of value, but what is the goal?"

13:25 - "Why should I turn away government money by not collecting welfare? Wouldn't taking it benefit me? The destructive act of rights violation lies in the taxation, after all. Not the later distribution."

15:26 - "Your [view of gun rights] was something along the lines of "if the products only purpose is to cause massive casualties, and using it in a self defence situation would result in large amounts of collateral damage then it should be outlawed. Please correct me if I'm misattributing this sentiment to you/rand.

My issue with this notion is that take for example dynamite, it has a purpose outside of mass casualties related to production and efficiency [...] Its fairly easy to claim multiple purposes for any weapon (You could mine the moon with a nuke, or to bring it back to earth, you could use an automatic weapon as a crude long distance hole punch)"

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