Functional Philosophy #77: (1) Objectivity & Diversity (2) State-Ownership (3) Political Equality

In this episode of Functional Philosophy, I answer the following questions:

00:39 - "Is our identity (or should our identity be) mainly shaped by our context, or our values? If it is values and the values we should choose as humans are objective then wouldn't we all end up with the same values? Wouldn't the result of this be that our identities are all incredibly similar and we're basically clones of each other?

Part of the reason why I enjoy life is because of how different people are in what they value. This makes me think that context such as how you're brought up and culture are important in developing a person's identity. What are your thoughts?"

08:00 - "Would it be fair for the state to own non-tax funded businesses in an objectivist society?"

12:13 - "On social media I have realized that many once proclaimed objectivists have turned to Alt-Right Hoppeans, they believe in ethnicity driven covenants that they support by saying " That it is ridiculous to believe in a universal man as Ayn Rand does, we are clearly not equal and therefore cant be equal in our capacity to reason and use of free will" It is with this that they justify a white homogeneous state, IQ tests etc. I am extremely curious to hear your views on such rhetoric, particularly on the universal man."

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