Functional Philosophy #79

(1) Human Interests (2) "An Eye for an Eye" (3) Materialism/Secular Humanism

In this episode of Functional Philosophy, I answer the following questions:

00:39 - "What are the origins of human interests? Why do some people desire to be doctors, or physicists, or philosophers? Is this motivation based on premises or are people brains genetically shaped to be attracted to certain subjects over others?"

07:10 - "Is 'an eye for an eye' a fundamentaly good idea or does it just cause more harm than good?"

10:55 - "As an objectivist would you say that you are a 'materialist' / secular humanist?"

Functional Philosophy is the show in which Objectivist philosopher Charles Tew helps you gain and strengthen the philosophical foundations required to achieve certainty, success, and happiness. If you're curious to see how Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism can bring revolutionary clarity to your life, give it a listen.