Functional Philosophy #85

(1) Ship of Theseus (2) Obscenity Laws (3) Skepticism from Historical Error

In this episode of Functional Philosophy, I answer the following questions:

00:38 - The Ship of Theseus

04:58 - "Laws that censor art because it is deemed 'obscene', what are your views on this topic. From my understanding, in the US, there is a Miller test to judge whether something is obscene and tends to classify art as requiring values to not be considered obscene."

08:01 - "I hear a lot of people defending uncertainty and attacking objective knowledge with an argument that is in essence as follows: Thousands of years ago people were certain that X was true. Now we know that X is [BS]. Therefore we cannot be certain of anything we know, because future people will prove us wrong and view us as troglodytes.

What would your response to this argument be?"

Functional Philosophy is the weekly Q&A podcast that helps you gain and strengthen the philosophical foundations required to achieve certainty, success, and happiness.

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