Functional Philosophy #88

(1) Demoting Relationships (2) Romantic Standards (3) Pornography

In this episode of Functional Philosophy, I answer the following questions:

03:20 - "[My] question is about something Peikoff said in his podcast. He was answering the question (paraphrasing) "what is wrong with threesomes?" and he said something like you can't demote a relationship. I think he might have been quoting Ayn Rand. This answer didn't seem to make sense to me at all, why can't you downgrade a relationship (say an ex-girlfriend who is now just a friend)? What about Dagny and Francisco?"

07:07 - "If you're a man looking for a romantic partner, can you just accept who is available within your context? I'm leaving out having sex with someone who is evil. You said in your podcast (paraphrasing as best as I can) that sexual pleasure is so important that you should get the most you can, without any immoral sacrifice. Does that apply to romance as well as masturbation?"

09:06 - "Can [pornography] ever serve as a legitimate aid to masturbation? Or are you just being second handed and relying on some director's imagination and values instead of your own? Ayn Rand also distinguished between "hard core" and "soft core" pornography, is that distinction meaningful? Do you know what she would have meant by "soft core"? I'm guessing probably the kinds of things you see in poorly written pg13 movies today."

Functional Philosophy is the weekly Q&A podcast that helps you gain and strengthen the philosophical foundations required to achieve certainty, success, and happiness.

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