Functional Philosophy #89

(1) Business & Sanction (2) Inalienability (3) Hate

In this episode of Functional Philosophy, I answer the following questions:

00:38 - "What is your take on the idea that the key to getting along with people (and possibly making good friends eventually) without sacrificing any of your integrity is to judge people in specific contexts and never beyond them. For instance, you judge your barber's value strictly by his work and not his philosophical views."

05:54 - "[How are rights inalienable if we can justly imprison people for violating others’ rights?]"

09:43 - "I’ve heard you say multiple times that you should hate your enemies. Is this consistent with Objectivism? I’m currently reading The Fountainhead and it seems like Rand is saying that you should not hate anyone. Obviously there’s the part when Roark says he thinks nothing of Toohey, but later on Rand makes it clear that Roark hates no one when she says that Roark doesn’t hate Wynand, but that Wynand is the closest Roark has ever come to hating someone. I also understand through introspection that when I am at my happiest I have no room for hate within me. I simply feel nothing towards all the evil men in the world. I believe I’m misunderstanding either you or Rand, as an oversight like this is uncharacteristic of someone as thoughtful as you. Where am I going wrong?"

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