Functional Philosophy #90

(1) Evolution (2) How to Study Philosophy (3) Greed

In this episode of Functional Philosophy, I answer the following questions:

00:38 - "How did consciousness/reason/free will come into the first man? It doesn’t seem like it comes through evolution since only man has it while all other animals lack it. Is it not an advantageous trait that should arise? This seems to point to the idea that consciousness did not come to man through natural means."

03:58 - "During one of your discussions with Rucka, you say blacks in America are mostly animals. I assume you are using that word to mean they are not using the full function of their reason, as a lot of the functional reason required to pursue happiness has been taken from them by government providing too much, and possibly other affirmative action policies. So, is it your opinion that blacks in America are only this way as a result of said policies? That anyone within America has the potential to pursue and achieve happiness? It sounded that way to me and if that is your position, and you, like I , believe in evolution (as far as species changing over time/natural selection for life affirming traits), I cannot reason past the obvious factor that if humans emerged from Africa, the groups that left would undoubtedly evolve at a faster rate and develop different survival traits as a result of facing countless new challenges to survival and constantly having to ascertain how to and what to eat in new environments. Conversely, the humans that remained in Africa would have experienced less new external pressures. In this sense the only conclusion I am able to draw is that blacks have 100,000 years or more of a slower evolution. To me this is a large part of the state of blacks in America."

10:17 - "I currently serve in the British Armed Forces, but it is a long term aspiration of mine to become a philosopher, and hopeful one day teach it at an academic level…[How do you think one should study the history of philosophy? Chronologically or comparatively?]"

22:39 - "Is greed a legitimate concept?"

Functional Philosophy is the weekly Q&A podcast that helps you gain and strengthen the philosophical foundations required to achieve certainty, success, and happiness.

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