Functional Philosophy #92

(1) Spreading Objectivism (2) Universal Suffrage (3) Modest Dress

In this episode of Functional Philosophy, I answer the following questions:

00:38 - "I am a 15 year old objectivist who is trying to understand Ayn Rand and her philosophy. However, I live in a religious household with parents who dont understand objectivism, and given that I believe objectivism is the solution to most of the world's problems I want to spread it. how do you suggest I get people to accept objectivism, who refuse to question and mostly abandon 2,000 years of tradition, in ethics and philosophy?"

05:05 - "Is Universalism ( ex: increasing suffrage privileges of citizens) aligned with Objectivism? Objectivist ideas of free will and the individual's potential to reason might support this. This is problematic for me, due to how I correlate creeping presence of the government in our daily lives and the spread universalist ideas."

10:05 - "Ayn Rand has brilliantly demonstrated that choosing your sexual partner reveals just as much about one's philosophy as choosing business partners, and furthermore how everything is deeply connected. Later, in Atlas Shrugged, it's said how those with ability are looked down upon, told to be ashamed of their ability and hide it. Can't this be similarly connected to physical beauty? It's said that - mostly - women shouldn't dress too revealing. Isn't this a different form of ability being punished? For clarification, I believe beauty is just as much an ability as craftsmanship is."

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