Functional Philosophy #94

(1) Platonic Forms (2) "Rent-Seeking" (3) Musician’s Block

In this episode of Functional Philosophy, I answer the following questions:

00:38 - "Can you logically describe what Plato meant by the world of forms? I understand that he was wrong, but what exactly was he talking about? I think I understand it in the context of a religious leader claiming to have revelation from god, but beyond that example, I don’t comprehend the concept. How would someone describe the world of forms outside of religion?"

04:39 - "What are the factual conditions for freedom? Do they involve a degree of inhibition of those natural and artificial monopolies and monopsonies that are in place not as a matter of merit but as a matter of privatized, concentrated rental income (and power) from land property, credit or luck?"

11:19 - "I am a musician who's been trying to write his own music for avout two years now...The music comes to me easily, and I can consistently identify and implement good riffs and composition. However, I always struggle with coming up with a message, a lyrical theme or even a mood or emotion for the piece, a problem compounded by the fact that most of the time I start writing the music without wanting to express anything, I just love writing something that sounds good. I have tried the alternative but to no avail. Either the lyrics feel forced or the music that surrounds them does...I am asking you for advice because even though you are not a musician (to my knowledge), I have a sneaking suspicion that the root of my problem is philosophical and I was hoping you could identify it and give me some advice on solving it."

Functional Philosophy is the weekly Q&A podcast that helps you gain and strengthen the philosophical foundations required to achieve certainty, success, and happiness.

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