Functional Philosophy #98

(1) Happiness & Survival (2) Audiobooks vs. Text (3) Altruism & Child Abuse

In this episode of Functional Philosophy, I answer the following questions:

01:14 - "I know people who went there entire lives narcissistic, irrational and unhappy. Does this mean happiness is not essential for survival?"

02:29 - "The vast majority of Ayn Rand's books have an audio version, whether digital or on CD. However, why has there never been an audio version made for Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology?"

03:50 - "My question is, what, if any, connection is there between altruism and child abuse? Do you think that there is one, and if so could you help make this connection explicit for me? Can it be a coincidence that the most altruistic institutions in the world, those such as the Catholic Church, harbour so many paedophiles? In the UK, we have seen many instances of the mass rape of young girls by organised Muslim gangs, (another belief system built on an altruistic morality), is this connection just coincidental? Or an example of correlation but not causation? I would be grateful to hear your thoughts on the matter."

Functional Philosophy is the weekly Q&A podcast that helps you gain and strengthen the philosophical foundations required to achieve certainty, success, and happiness.

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